This page will start out with all kinds of great resources you can find on essential oils.  Come back often as we add other Life Hacks to the mix!

Supplies & Tools

Below are some different websites you will find supplies, reference materials and different essential oil tools.

Oil Life– Oil Life is a great resource for both the essential oil user and the essential oil entrepreneur.  Our team has purchased a lot of their essential oil supplies from here. Oil Life is both online and has a retail store if you’re locally located in Mesa, Arizona. You can either order online to ship directly to your house or visit the local store as well. If local, one great option is to order online and ship to the store for pick up in order to save on shipping.

My Oil Gear– My Oil Gear is another great resource.

Aroma Tools– Aroma Tools has supplies and tools for both the essential oil user and essential oil entrepreneur. Our team purchased several of our very first resource books from Aroma Tools. However, we do find their shipping charges to be a little high. If you are planning to order from Aroma Tools, we would suggest holding out for a great sale and/or going in together with other essential oil users to split the costs of shipping.

Reference Resources

Below are science related websites where you can find a wealth of information on the science behind essential oils:

Aromatic Science– Aromatic Science website contains published scientific studies on essential oils. The information on the website is for personal education purposes only and does not promote any specific brand.

Pub Med– Pub Med is another great free scientific website that publishes references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.

Don’t see a resource you feel would be a great added addition. Send us a message via Contact and we will review to consider adding.