Best Oil Builder Resources

In the world of essential oils, it can be even more overwhelming for an essential oil entrepreneur than a general essential oil user. There is so much information to learn and so many different resources to tap into to help you grow your business.

As an essential oil entrepreneur myself, my goal is to create a one-stop resource for my team members. There are so many resources out there to consider and one can certainly find themselves spinning with a ton of information not knowing where to start.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of different resources including supplies, reference materials, programs, and website resources to help you grow your business and create your own content.  There may be affiliate links on this page.  For example, Kajabi is an affiliate link.

I will continue to update this list on an on-going basis as I find more resources I feel that will help benefit anyone looking to build a business.

Essential Oil User Resource List– A listing of essential oil resources for supplies, tools and reference materials.

Canva– A website where you can create designs with the web or for print. Canva is a free resource, but you can also choose to use some of their designs or backgrounds for a small fee. I use Canva for many of my graphics. My rollerball and diffuser recipe freebie was created using Canva.

MailChimp– If you are looking to create your own monthly newsletter and e-mail list this is a great resource to start with! MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers, and 1200 emails per month. If you are just now starting out in your business, MailChimp is a great free resource. Not on my list yet? Subscribe today and check out my beautiful newsletter I created all on my own.

VistaPrint– I order a lot of my printed items here. I have ordered business cards, thank you cards, magnets, business banners and personalized stationery. Create an account with VistaPrint and watch for different promotions and coupon codes to save money. I generally will never order anything at full price.

PayPal– This is a great option to have for both your customers and yourself. PayPal is a great alternative for my customers ordering directly from me versus my replicated website. Additionally, PayPal has some great invoicing and shipping features.

Kajabi Training System – This is an awesome program that allows you to create easy online training programs.  You add video, a few pieces of text, and they do the rest for you.  This affiliate link will give you 15% off your program if you decide you like the software.  (I think you will!)

Zoom – This is the video conferencing software that I am using.  If you click on this link, you will be taken to my referral link.  I get points towards saving on my subscription.  Hope you like it.  Let me know if you like something else better.

Don’t see a resource you feel would be a great added addition. Send me a message via Contact and I will review to consider adding.