Motivation Monday - Selfcare Body

Motivation Monday – Selfcare for the Body

Motivation Monday – Selfcare for the Body

Motivation Monday – Selfcare for the Body is one of the first videos in a series of videos that I have done on the MagicBridges, LLC facebook page.  The idea of self-care is a huge hot button for me.  Mostly because it is the first thing that I let go of when I was struggling to manage all the things that my life had thrown at me.  So, I wanted to help others realize how small steps could make huge differences.

Motivation Monday – Selfcare in Less than 1 Minute

So how can you do something about your physical self care without having to add more to you crazy plate?  Well, I am going to offer you three different options for consideration here.  You can chose to implement them or not, but trust me when you get overwhelmed, being out of shape and sick are not going to make it any better.

Tip #1 – Foundation of Health

The foundation of health, in my opinion, is to take vitamins.  We do not get enough of the nutrients we need in our bodies by the food we consume.  Even if we consume a lot of food, it doesn’t mean we are getting all the goodies we need.  So how do you get the goodies you need?  Take some vitamins.  I personally prefer taking LLV by doTerra.  While I am a Wellness Advocate and it makes sense for me to say positive things about the products, I have to say there is a remarkable difference between when I take them and when I do not.  We have 8 people living in our home, and nearly all of them had the flu – and a nasty version of it.  I, knock on wood, did not get it.  So, works for me!

Tip #2 – We are Made of Water

This winter seems to have been particularly hard on me.  My face is very dry and I am coughing from a dry throat all the time.  So, it reminded me how important it is to drink water.  It only takes a few seconds to take a drink.  I have made taking a drink after brushing my teeth a habit, so at least I get one 8 oz glass of water in me.  The only way I can remember to do things like drink water is to link it to another behavior I do every day.  So, give it a try, your body will thank you.

Tip #3 – Move your Butt

Yep, that is what I said.  You don’t have to work out for 30 minutes or anything like that.  Just stand up and do 10 jumping jacks, or 5 pushups, or 6 situps.  Whatever you can do to move your body around.  A body in motion tends to stay in motion.  At the very least, you will get your blood moving a bit.  I know, I know.  You are not going to lose weight or have any major health changes from 10 jumping jacks, but moving is better than not moving and what is happening in our head is as important as what is happening in our body.  So, let me see those jumping jacks folks!

Motivation Monday – Selfcare in Less than 1 Minute

That a wrap folks.  Selfcare in less than 1 Minute.  What do you do to help take care of yourself that might help others?


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