WTFrank are Essential Oils Anyway?

So WTF (Frankincense) are essential oils anyway?  It seems like a simple enough question.  It is certainly one that any of us wellness advocates out there really want you to think is super simple.  While the use of essential oils is pretty simple, what they actually “ARE” – well maybe no so much – and that is okay – really!

You see, there are no wasted efforts by Mother Nature.  Nope – none – Nada – Zilch.  So what does that mean to us in terms of essential oils?  Well, it means that every little thing that we take for granted is actually important.  No really.  Think about it.  The fragrance of a flower, the smell of an orange, or the scent of a pine tree – all of these serve a very specific purpose vital to a plants survival.  What we perceive as fragrances or scents are actually volatile aromatic compounds.  Yep!  Little tiny organic molecules that serve a variety of protective, reproductive, and regenerative purposes.  And we thought they were simply smelly.  Nope.


So what are some of these purposes?  Well, these compounds can help ward off unfriendly pest like fleas and ticks that mess with your buddy Fido or your favorite rose bush.  The compounds can also attract friendly herbivores (ya know, plant eaters) and insects and eve help the plant heal from infection and physical injury.  These little buggers are like super powers for plants.  I’m a bit jealous!


Some good news is there are over 3,000 identified varieties of aromatic compounds.  Each variety has its own unique and functional chemical constituents that provide different aromas and benefits to the plants – oh yeah – and us too.  From the petals of a daisey to the leaves of a spider plant, the rind of a Lemon, or the resin of a Birch tree – these volatile aromatic compounds are all around us.  Makes you feel a bit warm and fuzzy now doesn’t it?  Distilled directly from their plant sources, essential oils are multifaceted agents that seem to have an endless application to our health as well as the plants.  Do you want to hear even more good news?  You can get the benefits of essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally.


To ensure maximum potency, and therefore reaps the most benefits, it is important that essentials oils maintain a delicate ratio of aromatic constituents.  These constituents can vary depending on the time of day, part of the plant that is being harvested,  the lifecycle of when the plant is being harvested, the geographical location and weather where the plant was grown or even the method and duration of distillation.  It is for all these reasons that it is vital that essential oils come from a trusted source.  A source that is committed to not only producing unadulterated essentials oils (i.e. no crud is put in and no goodies are taken out), but to adhering to strict production protocols.

Hey, mother nature isn’t a slouch.  There is no wasted efforts in nature and neither should there be in the health care you provide for yourself and those you love.   So, now you know – essential oils are simple to use but are not simple aromatic compounds.  Yet, you don’t have to worry about that part.  The main thing I suggest you keep an eye out for is that the source you select is a good one.  I happen to like doTerra.  I also think that Young Living is a good source as well.  What sources do you trust?


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